Why Vegetarian?

A long time ago, vegetarianism was associated with religion and considered ‘off-fashioned’. Today, a vegetarian diet is considered the ‘in’ thing.

A vegetarian diet is healthier
  • A major study reported in the British Medical Journal found that, of 5,000 non- vegetarians and 6,000 vegetarians, vegetarians have 40% less risk of cancer and 30% less risk of heart disease than the non-vegetarians and were 20% less likely die of any cause (Oxford Vegetarian Study)
  • Vegetarians have a lower risk of developing heart disease and are 24 per cent less likely to die from heart disease compared with non-vegetarians
A vegetarian diet is more beneficial to the environment
  • The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization report, ‘Livestock’s Long Shadow’ concludes that global animal agriculture contributes more greenhouse gas emissions (in CO2 equivalents) – an astonishing 18% of the total – than all forms of transportation (13.5%).
  • Livestock production accounts for over eight percent of global human water consumption
A vegetarian diet is more economical
  • It takes 17 kilos of corn, beans, grains, etc, to produce one kilo of beef in feedlot cattle. This is like investing $17.00 in a bank term deposit and withdrawing $1.00 at maturity!
  • 95% of world soybean and one third of world grain production is used for animal feed, utilising massive reserves of land
Vegetarian “Meat”

The term Vegetarian ‘Meat’ sometimes lets us ponder ‘is it really necessary to eat them’? Of course there is no need to feast heavily on them (which we recommend) but they provide more alternatives, convenience and taste delicious. The best part is that Lamyong Vegetarian products are 100% pure vegetarian, free of meat, seafood, onion, garlic, chives, leeks and spring onions. Most of Lamyong Vegetarian’s products are made of textured soy protein, wheat flour, konnyaku and mushrooms.

More alternatives

Being a vegetarian doesn’t have to mean you’re limited for choices. Let your imagination be creative when planning and cooking dishes with these fabulous products. From Vegetarian Soy Nuggets to Vegetarian Prawns, even non-vegetarians would be impressed and you do not have to be a great chef to prepare delectable vegetarian meals.