About Lamyong

The team at Lamyong Vegetarian Health Food is a group of passionate people who actively promote vegetarianism and compassion throughout Australia.

We have grown with our customers over the years and we continue to build a strong bond as we progress.

With over ten years in promoting vegetarianism, we have carefully selected and
created a range of products that suits multicultural Australia.

Our extensive range of products are all stringently sourced from quality manufacturers from Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Through the many years of being in the vegetarian market, you can placed your trust in the quality, pureness and authenticity of ALL our vegetarian and vegan products.

Our Philosophy

* We supply 100% pure vegetarian and vegan products
* Conduct continuous research and development into new age food
* Establish an extensive and efficient distribution network across Australia
* Service customers with a team of friendly staff
* Deliver what we promise